Monday, June 23, 2014

Graduation & Academic Convocation

Our school year has ended on such a positive note, none more so than at our two major academic celebrations:  our Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2014 and Academic Convocation for Grades 9 - 11.  Our students represent the highest level of commitment to our school's core values and demonstrated this in each of these beautiful, memorable ceremonies.  

Pictured below are photos from Academic Convocation, followed by all of this year's award winners.

Science Department Leader Sheri Prosperi introduces the Science Awards for Excellence in Academics and Core Values.  Seated on stage are student leaders Gianna Tringale, Brianna Collard, Grace Fanikos, Bill Sheerin (left) and Sectra Okundaye and Junior Class Officers Devon Guanci, Joe Hurton, and Meg McCarthy (right).

Ryan Cunningham receives the Service to Community Award from Assistant Principal Dennis O'Leary

Academic Convocation 2014

Welcome & Introduction  Kim Smith
Masters of Ceremonies   William Sheerin                                       
Special thank you to retiring faculty  Gianna Tringale & Sectra Okundaye   
Alana Anderson
Nancy Frederick
Susan O’Keefe
Trish Osborne
Pricilla Wall

Core Values                         
Wakefield High School is a student-centered community committed to excellence in teaching and learning.    Grace Fanikos
Wakefield High School is a respectful learning community that promotes personal responsibility and acceptance of individual differences.  Brianna Collard

English Department     Presenter:  Paul Bavuso
Grade 9   Excellence in English Language Arts - Michael Raso
Grade 9   English Language Arts Dept. Core Values Award - Kylie Dube
Grade 10 Excellence in English Language Arts -  Jessica Dubuque
Grade 10 English Language Arts Dept. Core Values Award - Jeremy Keegan
Grade 11 Excellence in English Language Arts -  Waverley Stanfield
   Grade 11 English Language Arts Dept. Core Values Award -  Sumbal Shahzadi

Business/Technology/Culinary Department    Presenter:  Jay Callanan
Grade 9    Excellence in Business/Technology  -  William Holman
Grade 9    Bus/Tech Dept. Core Values Award  -  Jack Spicer
Grade 10  Excellence in Business/Technology  -  Alexander Guerriero
Grade 10  Bus/Tech Dept. Core Values Award  -  Akash Altman
Grade 11  Excellence in Business/Technology  -  Carolyn Harney
Grade 11  Bus/Tech Dept. Core Values Award  -  Joshua Chavez

Wellness/Life Skills Department     Presenter :  Greg Gibbs
Grade 9   Wellness and Life Skills Core Value Award – Eleni Rizos
Grade 9    Excellence in Wellness and Life Skills Award – Alexis Christie
Grade 10  Excellence in Wellness and Life Skills Award – Grace Hurley
Grade 10  Wellness Core Value Award – Mark DeVincent
Grade 11  Excellence in Wellness and Life Skills Award – Michael Mouradian
Grade 11  Wellness Core Value Award – Jillian Raso

Social Studies Department    Presenter:  Rob Rozzi
Grade 9    Top Student -  Kelsey Czarnota
Grade 9    Core Values -  Caroline Bennett
Grade 10  Top Student -  Kady Yip and Kristy Yip
Grade 10  Core Values -  Sarah Grady
Grade 11  Top Student -  Will Bergendahl
Grade 11  Core Values -  Nicholas Webb

Art Department     Presenter:  Joy Schilling
Grade 9-    Excellence in Art  - Emily Heil
                   Core Values Award - Carly Holbrook
Grade 10   Excellence in Art - Julianna Hardiman
                   Excellence in TV - Matthew Hoenig
Grade 11   Excellence in Art - Colleen Perry
                   Excellence in Photography - Lucas McCarthy
                   Excellence in TV - Daniel Bertini
Alternative School Program    Presenter:  Jill Charie
Core Values Award - Lindsey Fiumara
Academic Excellence Award - Justin Suarez

Foreign Language Department     Presenter:  Ruben Reinoso
Grade 9    Core Values Award - Allison Lee   
Grade 10  Core Values Award - Senila Yasmin
Grade 11  Core Values Award - Jennifer Sullivan
Excellence in Italian – Alessandra Amatucci
Excellence in Latin - Michael Raso
Excellence in French - Kristy Yip
Excellence in Spanish – Lauren Sallade

Science Department      Presenter:  Sheri Prosperi
Excellence in Applied Science - Courtney Hart
Science Department Core Values Award in Applied Science - Megan Sullivan
Excellence in Biology - Jackson Kehoe
Science Department Core Values Award in Biology - Louise Canavan
Excellence in Chemistry - Averi Parece
Science Department Core Values Award in Chemistry - Olivia Wright
Excellence in Physics - Grace Fanikos
Science Department Core Values Award in Physics - Jillian Raso

School-To-Life Program/Connections   Presenters:  Alyssa Lapane &
      Caitlin Torelli
Grade 9 Core Values Awards; Connections Program - Jennifer Synan,
                                          Grace Marando
Grade 9 Core Values Awards; School to Life Program - Zachary Carito
Grade 10 Core Values Awards; School to Life Program - Matthew Raposo

Math Department       Presenter:  Bill Hoover
Excellence in Geometry - Briana Cieniewicz
Grade 9 Core Values Award - Mark Chiodi
Excellence in Algebra 2 - Kady Yip
Grade 10 Core Values Award - Sarah Custodio
Excellence in Precalculus -  Thomas Dascoli
Grade 11 Core Values Award - Olivia Wright

Performing Arts Department    Presenter:  Tom Bankert
Grade 9    Excellence in Performing Arts  -  Jackson Kehoe
Grade 9    Performing Arts Core Values Award  -  Evan Arambages
Grade 10  Excellence in Performing Arts  -  Averi Parece
Grade 10  Performing Arts Core Values Award  -  Caitlin Mogan
Grade 11  Excellence in Performing Arts   -  Adam Tarpey
Grade 11  Performing Arts Core Values Award  -  Julia Blois

Technology Integration   Presenters:  J. Martin, C. Gosselin
Excellence in Technology Integration  - David Goss, Matthew DeBenedictis,
                                                                  Senila Yasmin, Shannon Quirk

Service to Community Award    Presenter:  Dennis O’Leary
Service to Community Award - Ryan Cunningham

Junior Book Awards      Presenter:  AJ Beebe & Suzanne Burns
Rhode Island School of Design - Amy Wilson
Brown University - Lauren Sallade
Harvard University - Thomas Dascoli
Yale University - Carolyn Harney
Renssalaer Medal Award - Sasha Krutiy
Dartmouth College - Kayla Geaney
Princeton University - Courtney Hart
Wellesley College - Abigail Murphy
Williams College - Will Bergendahl
Boston University - Waverley Stanfield
St. Anselm College - Andrew Wallace
St. Michael’s College -  Daniella Iannuzzi, Joseph Murray
Regis College - Joseph Hurton
Rhode Island School of Design - Amy Wilson

Final Remarks    Junior Class Officers:  Joseph Hurton, Devon Guanci,

 Megan McCarthy, Daniella Iannuzzi

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