Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Service, Integrity, Leadership, & Spirit

Congratulations to Brian Dickey and Emily Hammond in their selection as 2014 SILS Award winners.  The SILS award for Service, Integrity, Leadership, and Spirit is sponsored by the Middlesex League Principals.  Each of the twelve Middlesex League schools selects two juniors to receive this prestigious honor at the annual awards luncheon, held today in Burlington, MA.

In addition to the qualities listed in the award’s title, recipients must demonstrate an excellence in academics, exemplary attendance, active participation in extracurricular activities, and a commitment to school and/or community service.  

Junior SILS recipients Brian Dickey & Emily Hammond

I had the honor of introducing these two outstanding students at the awards ceremony today.  As SILS recipients, they both personify all of the qualities that characterize the award.  Brian is an intelligent young man of exceptionally strong personal character. He is kind and accepting, approaches all that he does with commitment and enthusiasm, and he is a person of great integrity.  Emily has such an unassuming, humble manner, coupled with the poise, confidence, and resilience of the most naturally gifted leaders I know.  She has a warm and engaging sense of humor, is generous and kind, and has the most wonderful spirit that ignites the very best in others. 

I was so proud of Brian & Emily as they represented Wakefield Memorial High School today!

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