Friday, February 7, 2014

Tech Connection flourishes at WMHS

Our students in the Tech Connection are doing an incredible job in the inaugural year of the program.  The Tech Connection students serve their school by assisting teachers in solving technology problems and supporting technology integration in the classroom.  They are available throughout the day to provide 1:1 support and training, and they are a valuable resource for ideas in how to enhance curriculum and lesson plans by integrating technology tools. 

The Tech Connection produces a newsletter each month, providing tips, educational software reviews, and a range of technology topics.  I thought I would share the January issue because it is a wonderful example of their passion and talent for all things technology!  And what a great learning experience for them, guided by Tech Connection teachers Mr. Martin and Mr. Gosselin, in preparation for college and their future careers.

As an example of their support service, I called the Tech Connection to get some help with this blog post - two students came up to my office, presented themselves as consummate professionals, and assisted me in posting the cover photo and link to the newsletter.  Here it is!

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