Monday, November 11, 2013

Keys to Success student recognition program

 Keys to Success leaders Elizabeth Glynn & Machenzie Collins
with Mr. Moody and his Sophomore nominee and recipient, Sarah Stumpf
A year ago, seniors Caitlin Collins and Kevin Glynn came to me with an idea:  they wanted to start a recognition program that acknowledged those students who typically "fly under the radar" but "do the right thing every day" - students who put a lot of effort into school work, are kind and generous to others, and consistently live the core values of our school.  Caitlin and Kevin were willing to take on the leadership role in instituting the program, modeling it after one they had read about called "Keys to Success", but with their own twist.  Caitlin and Kevin contacted Wakefield's Chamber of Commerce President Kendall Inglese and established a partnership in which the Chamber would provide gift certificates, donated by local businesses, for the four students nominated each month by their teachers as those who demonstrated those qualities that are ultimately the "keys to success" in school and in life.

Caitlin and Kevin did a tremendous job in building this student-generated/student-led program - with a great deal of help, support, and enthusiasm from Kendall and the Chamber of Commerce - and then to ensure its continuation beyond their graduation, passed along the leadership roles to their younger siblings.  Elizabeth Glynn and Machenzie Collins took over, made some strong improvements to the Keys to Success program, and we're off to a great start for the 2013-14 school year!  Pictured above are Elizabeth and Machenzie, with the October award-winner from the sophomore class, Sarah Stumpf.  Sarah was nominated by her Social Studies teacher, Mr. Moody, who couldn't say enough about Sarah's daily work ethic, positive nature, and kindness toward others.

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